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Obviously, it is illusion in india that dads will stay home and mother’s will do job but it will not happen like such because of society thinking and their mindset towards men and women is not equal they think like men should not stay at home but due to changing generation their are some changes in men they atleast help their in some ways. Both should be equally responsible for their children. In other countries their are dads who accepting to stay at home. Many of them are experience that their level of patience has increased by taking care of children it is positive point towards men. Because of dads stay at home we can see women are working outside. In india men should also experience mother place to see that how they have patience and balance between professional and personal life. But from the old times society thinking is same towards men and women like men should do job and women should stay home and do all the household chores and taking care of children. But think what if women go for job and men will stay at home than society will start judging and commenting on their family. Society should start treating men and women equally if women are taught household work from childhood then same goes with men. In education also men are given priority than women. Why? They should give equal priority to men and women in education due to which women will be independent and can go outside to do job. Men and women both can handle household chores and family together with office work. They should understand and respect each other decision due to which it will esay for both of them to share their responsibility. Society should stop thinking inequality towards men and women.