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Shumaila Siddiqui
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No I don’t support the concept of separate schools for girls and boys. School is a base foundation for all the things that child will learn in their entire life, whether it is education, manners, confidence, ethics ,morals, good habits and any skills. Being in separate schools, girls and boys tend to be shy about the fact of talking to opposite gender. Although, it is very common and natural because they were not used to this surrounding from the childhood. Sometimes they don’t even get along with opposite gender in future for any purpose. At the end they become coward and not being able to express themselves in front of the opposite gender.
I would like to highlight a short incident of my personal experience. I was in a girls schools for about 10-12 years. We had a proper girls schools where a staff, principal, teachers everybody was a girl, not even a single man except the watchman was available in our school. Years passed, I finished my school and ended up taking admission in co-ed college. I remember being so nervous and hesitant to even enter the college on the very first day. The surrounding was having the mixture of both girls and boy, which was making me very anxious and uncomfortable, and I thought I wouldn’t be able to survive here for even a single day. As the time passed, I managed to survive there, but the feeling of being uncomfortable stayed with me forever. I am saying forever because after that college I took a course where there were a lot of male members comparatively female members. It took a lot of effort and many crying nights to build up the stamina to stand there as a student. By sharing my journey, I just want to tell everybody that it was a consequence of the background that I had in my past which didn’t allow me to interact with opposite gender in a normal manner as it should be. That little change could have a different dimension to my journey. The entire experience of my college turned my self-esteem and confidence to the lowest. It took me four to six years to interact with opposite gender, but till now I get stumbled upon and don’t know how to find a way to start even simple conversation with them. I request everybody to choose same school for girls and boys because eventually they have to interact with opposite gender somewhere in their life. If they had a school which has a normal background with both the genders there will be a comfortable bond around, and it will be a normal thing for them to interact with each other. Separate school for girls and boys not only impact the personality negatively but also restricts there Ideas, skills and choices to make a way between both the genders and grow together, if they get along well. Make them educated in every manner. Normalize interacting with opposite sex.