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According to ongoing modernization of our society, it’s a very good sign that not only women are struggling for liberation, a large portion of men are also coming forward to celebrate this . In middle class and upper class families, equal division of the duties are becoming reality. Whether it’s for the higher education or the modern day to day lifestyle, we’re becoming adopt to a working women, father taking care of children. Sharing a common kitchen is a reality in many family. But how much real are they?
In talking about society, we should never forget the largest amount of people in India, suffering from poverty or being in rural surroundings. Those families neither have access to higher education, nor have awareness and modern thoughts. Child marriage is still an explicit truth.
By modern India, we forget to reflect that world lying besides the short lanes. Dowry, child marriage, severe killing, female foeticide is not a yesterday’s news. And of course, we can’t expect a gender equal kitchen from them who likes to keep their females beneath veil or behind the curtains.
And for the known to be modern society shows a really doubtful circumstances. Yes, maybe a working woman is accepted but did anyone tried to help her by dividing her duties? For most of the families, the answer is no.
Women are expected to continue their social duties and for both working husband and wife, it’s obvious for a wife to take in charge of kitchen.
As society claims that doing job is a pleasurable choice, and for that they must go through their job duties as well as home duties .
So , in this modern world, though it’s becoming a reality day by day, but confronting the deep rooted patriarchy is a tough task to do. But not to lose hope, a currect education and modern welfare will soon restructure our social norms and will lead to a better society as well.