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Indian Constitution contains a clause which guarantees the right of equality and freedom from sexual discrimination. Though is it a strict truth?
How it can be, when our jurisdiction system is amount themselves who he ongoing general discrimination, as you can see, there’s no female chief justice of super court of independent India among all these years? Even one of these most important pillars , our parliament, lack women . There’s nobody to talk alongside of female society.
In our daily newspaper, atleast a news signifies how our police and jurisdiction system ignores a common people. Or police doesn’t want to write a FIR (first information report) about the local sexual harassment or eve teasing on women as they are quite normal for our society now and women have to go through it or she has to endure it silently.
Another report says how wife Interreges to put her husband and his family behind the bars, by reporting a FIR of sexual harassment or exploitation due to dowry.
As you can see, maybe Indian Constitution is the largest but trickiest too. Again, there’s a lot of loopholes and with the help of these loopholes , some serious crimes are getting overlooked while one can recriminate someone with false crime easily.
And while we’re talking about gender discriminations in our jurisdiction system, thankfully our Constitution doesn’t have any, though due to the loopholes, it’s a clear truth to us.
For women exploitation, most of the times, even wisest lawyer blames the women while if the rapist is from any political party or have some political or financial support, he can be easily bailed. Just like the Nirbhaya case, it took our Constitution approx 8 years to declare the actual criminal while it was a clear cut decision.
Again, when we talk about that women, reporting against a man, with a crime like sexual assault or another kind of discrimination, that men is believed to be criminal for society until it’s proved in court.
Both of them are the saddest truth of reality we face.
If we go through the rural region, in some village, we can see a strong misogyny. Women have to face difficulties to take every step. Their primary governing body, means Panchayat, also consists the one men from the village. So, women from those area are suffering from strong patriarchy and gender discrimination.
The consequences of those gender biased jurisdiction affect both of men and women in our society. Whether it’s for women liberation or equal rights for men, women and even LGBTQ community, it’s the biggest mischief to grant gender discrimination among jurisdiction. We have to look forward to reduce and eliminate these gender biased norms to establish a better constitutional in future.