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In today’s generation also their are lot of man who rape their wife and it is still not consider as crime. Man should not force their wife to have sex. Both should equally agree to have sexual relationship. From old times women’s are suffering from martial rape because society thinks if women is married than she is the property for her husband he can anything with her without her permission. In villages many of the women who marry the person who is unknown for her because she has to agree with her parents decision but then also she can’t stop her husband to have physical relationship if she don’t want but then also she can’t do anything because of society and family. Still society thinks that giving sex to men whenever he want is wife’s duty. In most of the tv shows, movies, news they show that the treat of rape and sexual violence only comes from outsiders. But in most recent times some of the movie and series had take great initiative to make people aware about facts. In pink movie their is dialogue by Amitabh bachchan if a woman says no that means no then it can be anybody even your own wife also. Their is web series called criminal justice: Behind Closed Doors which make awareness about martial rape is still their in all over the world and how women’s are suffering from daily sexual violence. And then also some women stay quiet for their children and family. Women should raise their voice against such men and government should make legal action for man who does rape their wife without having her consent. Their are many feminists movement and organizations that shows the importance of sexual consent. They also support and encouragement women to fight back against sexual violence.