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Having separate school I think is not a good idea because somewhere it creates the discrimination and limits the boys and girls .separate school for girls and boys disadvantages of separate schools is girls don’t open up with talking to boys and same as for boys, they will not able to learn from each other, in many countries, there are not separate schools. people who go to separate schools believe that their gender is superior. Having a separate school promotes sexism, if the boys and girls are being taught separately, they will develop their mindset that their gender has more value. also, boys and girls do not get to understand each other behavior and they do not respect and bond nicely with each other. co-ed schools support equality and it acts as a bridge between boys and girls .it is often observed that women are ones who hesitate to talk to men so, it becomes difficult when they have been interactive in society. Globally students have to compete with both genders it would be a lot easier for them if they study in co-ed school from the starting. Through co-ed schools’ boys will learn that girls are also equally deserve everything and they are also capable of doing all things. Government should take legal action to make students learn under the same roof. Even in a mixed school, everyone deserves equal opportunities this ideology will be very clear in people minds. Learning in separate schools can also impact personal relationships, if children at a young age get chance to learn in mix school, they will get chance to build nice friendship and love also lacks perspectives of each other in any discussion. In mixed school boys and girls develop mutual respect for each other. So, In my opinion, co-ed schools are beneficial for both boys and girls.