Get Inspired, Be Empowered Forums Access to Healthcare Reproductive Health & Rights Does our country have an effective system in place to address teenage pregnancies? Reply To: Does our country have an effective system in place to address teenage pregnancies?

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Teenage pregnancy is the most dreadful experience faced by many and it also impacts them in their life very drastically. It may be considered as a worst-case scenario for the family when their teenage is pregnant and mostly many react very harshly and angrily with them because they have to face society and their comments or reactions and it will make them guilty of something.
Teenage pregnancy leads to women leaving education because after this they face many criticisms from all and so they will feel uncomfortable to go for higher education and end up sacrificing like always women have to in each phase of life. Many parents and society consider teenage pregnancy as a mistake and insulting and a taboo commonly seen in the ages of 18 to 25.
There are other difficulties faced like personal, social, psychological, etc. but still, they don’t have anyone by their side nor any proper system where they can address. If these challenges arise at least the family should be by their side to make them feel better because no one else can do so, and these issues need to be discussed between parents and their children because issues can be solved when we are together and not apart. And if a teen wants to continue studying, she should be encouraged and not make her feel unwanted. There should be an effective system for these problems because at the start they are problems but slowly it becomes a challenge and then issues so it should be addressed at the beginning.