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I think it’s still an illusion for our country, but some other countries are adopting this thinking of dad will stay at home doing all the household chores and look after the kids all the duties and responsibilities that women who stay at home do. India is still a developing country, Some classes of society are open to changes and trying to adopt new model changes. The traditional class of society is still stubborn on thought they only think women are the only ones who should take care of the home and kid’s responsibilities. But good thing is that some men are helping their wives in home duties such as cleaning, cooking, and washing utensils, this shows that there is hope that men will be home dads in the future. If people start teaching boys to do household work when they are small they will not discriminate as doing household chores are women’s duties. Few men are accepting this because they want to take care of family, having illness and disease, some people are jobless their wife goes at work they stay at home take care of kids till they get another job. Most of the dad have stereotype thinking that children feel better when they are with moms and they can handle the child more carefully rather than him. even if a man decides to stay at home, they will not get paychecks at end of the month if they have a habit of earning, they will kind of feel stress after doing all things they cannot get any monetary benefit at the end of the month this is depressing for them. The benefits of dad staying at home are child and father bonds get stronger, they can always be available if their child falls sick or faces any accident. Give more attention to their education and see how they are growing up.