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Manpreet Singh
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It is not a hidden fact that violence against women has been on the rise ever since they have started stepping out of their traditional roles as homemakers. Challenging the patriarchal setup comes with its own sets of problems and fallouts. The more women enter into public spaces, the more violence they are likely to face. Violence against women is a manifestation of prejudices against them that want to confine them to to the domestic sphere. These prejudices still dominate our thinking. India’s female labor force participation rate has been dramatically falling to a low of 23.3% as per the NSSO.
In the latest Lok Sabha, it was lauded the fact that India had its highest number of women MPs in the Lok Sabha. But it is still a shame as it represents only 14% This is much below the global average of 24%. Moreover, in 1950 itself women formed 5% of Parliament. A mere 9% increase in the last 69 years is a shame.
22 years have passed since the Women’s Reservation Bill was first introduced in Parliament in 1996. All four times the Bill lapsed upon the dissolution of the house. Bill face fierce opposition and it was torn apart in the Rajya Sabha by an RJD MP. We also heard regrettable statements, such as “Do you think these women with short hair can speak for women, for our women.” Women are far from being in a position to equal men out. Despite women proving their capabilities in every field, they continue to remain underrepresented. Money power has played an integral role in securing electoral victories. Women fare poorly on shaky ground. Only 14% of women in the agricultural sector own the farms. The majority of the property in India is still in the hands of men. Women find it harder to acquire muscle power to win elections. They have traditionally been associated with domestic roles and not with positions of political leadership. It is a difficult task to break out of the mold. The criminalization of politics further acts as a deterrent for women. They are often at the receiving end of many of these crimes. Political parties to give more tickets to women candidates.
It is high time women our leaders recognize that some glass ceilings are harder to break than others, and reservations will go a long way in facilitating women to shatter the one that’s been keeping guard at Parliament for 69 long years. No doubt women reservation is a complex topic but it needs to be resolved and it is definitely needed.