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Justice is what should make everyone equal among the world. Everyone around the world fighting for themselves, seek justice with equality. It would not be called justice if it would not be equal and unbiased. But in today’s world of gender inequality people are struggling for justice because of their genders. Not just women but men too are facing injustice because of their gender. When a women is at fault, the punishment she gets is less than the man at same fault.
The consequences of gender biasness is faced by all, including the courtrooms.
Today, men are also a subject to rape practices in our country, men are also being raped by women but there exists a lot many cases where the accused women have not been victimised and punished worthy of her crime.
Though, rape cases are experienced more by women than men but the justice should be made against rape and not with the gender that has performed it. Justice is the one thing that should not be gender biased, it needs to be one for all.