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According to the Oxford Dictionary, mental illness is defined as a condition which causes serious disorder in a person’s behaviour or thinking.
WHO estimates about 7.5% of Indians suffer from mental illness. However, these are just the cases that have been discovered. There are still many who haven’t realized they’re suffering from a mental illness.
In our country, there is a lot of stigma surrounding mental health. Many don’t get help because of this. Many people are considered weak for having a mental disorder. They feel isolated and feel that there is no solution to their problems.
Society often pushes aside these problems and thinks that they’re just doing this to look cool. They might also think this is temporary and will pass. They do not take mental health seriously and mock people who have a mental illness. When someone tells their friend about their problems, they might think they’re crazy. Friends and family might comfort you but they do not offer permanent help.
So, if you feel that something might be wrong with you, seek help. However, In India, there are many psychologists who are inexperienced. Therapy is a great way to get help. However, not all people can afford therapy.
It is not something that affects only teenagers or people of a certain class, it affects anyone and everyone. If you suffer from mental illness, you’re not abnormal for wanting to seek help. You’re normal. You’re so strong for wanting to get help.
Mental Illness doesn’t affect us alone. It affects celebrities too. Deepika Padukone is a known activist for mental health. She suffered from depression. Depression doesn’t pick and choose victims. It does not magically vanish. But, with some help, you can get through it and even beat it.
Society might never change its perceptions. However, you can help others by raising mental health awareness. People must realize that mental health should be taken seriously. If we understood that, we could help someone and even save their life. The Government should also offer affordable therapy for everyone with licensed professionals.