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Marriages are successful if both the partners are equally respected and understand and handle each situation rightly because if one person keeps on doing so then the other will always have a reason to let go and neglect things. Not every marriage is successful and not all humans are the same and so sometimes marriages fail but it’s not valid to blame one and victimize the other.
If we look back at those times when there were fewer divorces and marriages didn’t fail, it was because women at that time were sacrificing and they had gone through much but they tolerated and marriages keep on working. But now it’s not the same scenario many women fight back and some also let go and keep on tolerating. At some point then the marriages fail because of many reasons which are not seen but are the ones because it happens.
Some men think after marriage women have to listen to each and everything and devote her to him but tend to forget that both needs to at par marriage, some men’s harass their wives by domestic violence and by treating her like maid but still, women keep on tolerating it and when due to this reason if the marriage doesn’t work out and fail, women’s are one who is blamed and made to hear their whole life that because of you.
There are many other reasons apart from this, like both the partners are unable to give time to each other and so they prioritize work, sometimes due to lack of communication there arises expectations which are unknown to each other, some family pressure or issues which make them think differently, etc.
So marriages fail not because of one person but due to lack of both partners efforts and understanding.