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Yash Tiwari
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Gender bias is one of the major social problems in developing countries like India. It is as old as a society and existed in the present modern democratic world also. It led to paralyzed society because one sex of the society discriminated against by the other sex. Until 1875 women were not legally defined as persons in The United State (U.S.) and they are denied by visiting until the early 20th century In the modern context, women’s issues been highlighted globally several times with the rise of feminism – a movement which works on the promotion of equal rights of women and also to abolish discrimination against them. However, this positive development came up with its challenge in form of Gender Bias against women existing in law, politics, education, etc.

Religion has always played a vital role in our life. A strong base of religion can influence a person in many spheres of life. If we look at history, then it is found that women faced gender discrimination from an early age. Religion being one of the most important aspects of our life, it also played a vital role in restricting women from going out for things they want to do and even going out of the home without any restrictions. Numerous problems were faced by women in society during the ancient ages. They were denied taking part in any kind of religious activities. The oppression of women was at its peak in the medieval period and even after that due to the orthodox attitude of people towards gender discrimination. Even advocates of women’s rights took undue time to bring changes in society.

Justice in society is a basic need for every citizen to be secured from any injustice of any form. A rational society is one of the major goals of any civil government. The implementation of rationalism in the present society is known as gender bias or discrimination. This means that the same law will not apply equally to members of both sexes and the appeal which is existing for women under the law will not exist for men. Whatever we see to some extent the world, it is very clear that one sex of the society discriminated by other sex. This social issue was largely ignored or neglected at the time of kingship. Kings never considered such things important or they treat them as women’s work. The awareness is so low because discrimination of one sex by other sex is spread in the whole society and there are different types of social examples, which should concern with government and civil society.