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Manpreet Singh
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While young, the child begins to notice differences in terms of social expectations, gender stereotypes, and the way teachers interact with students, providing a significant impact on the ability to participate in education and learning.
This interaction also influences other areas of their lives for a long time, sometimes limiting their self-esteem and perception of the opportunities that are available to them. This trend is particularly clear, with the lack of women wanting to get an education and build a career at higher levels.
According to a report prepared by the American Association of University Women, girls receive less teacher attention than many boys in the classroom. This is partly due to the fact that, in general, boys are more likely to give answers to questions asked in class, even if they call teachers. This trend may also be due to the fact that boys are often perceived as being more alert to force teachers to observe and interact with them in the more active part of the classroom, which gives the perception of “opening up” to speak without permission. It is important to confront gender bias in the classroom as early as possible. A survey involving over 2,000 children, aged 4 to 16 found that from an early age, children make assumptions that solidify gender stereotypes. Children learn how to think about themselves and others from the messages they hear in society. And often, these messages include stereotypes about gender that stick with them for the rest of their lives.
Empowering students to believe in their potential and to achieve their dreams regardless of their gender identity should be the face of our education system. Their gender is a strength and not a a weakness. Use of language in class that is inclusive of transgender and non-binary students, such as using the name and pronouns that a student goes by, even if it is different from their school record should be encouraged.