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Gender gap, discrimination was and are still prevailing in many areas and in each field. It becomes difficult for women to survive each day where there is discrimination and inequality. Before there was discrimination in some, and are still but now it also has added to this list of gender divide i.e., a digital field too.
After the covid pandemic, each one of us has become reliant on digital modes for all our tasks and work and so education and work has also taken a digital mode and now this is the need of the hour that is being digitally educated and aware, but here also there are gender divide and so many have lost their opportunity to study or work further because of lack of support and discrimination between men and women.
Women in many rural or backward areas still have lack or no access to phones and digital media, because the people over there are still the same and their thoughts haven’t changed and they think providing phones to girls will make them change or make them spoiled. Many girls can’t study further after this pandemic because some didn’t have access and some don’t want to make their girl child study more because then they will have to provide amenities like boys and according to them it will be a burden.
Gender inequality was common but now digital gender inequality has taken place and we will be still lagging behind in progress and equality of opportunities because many capable and deserving girls won’t be able to move forward and so there needs to be awareness.