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It is the illusion that a society is becoming more accepting of stay- at -home dads. It is a ancient practice of the society that men should work in office and women should work in home as the time changes people accepted women working in the office but they cannot accept in men to stay at home. And if any man who willingly or with any reason stay at home, society start questioning him what’s the matter why staying at home it doesn’t sound good. Stay-at-home dads are sometimes wrongly portrayed as lazy, clueless, or lacking masculinity. Grandparents and other family members or friends may express negative feelings about children being raised primarily by their father. They may be uncomfortable with this set-up or it may seem counter to their cultural expectations.
It is the pathetic practice of the society , people are working on this and try to change this practice but the progress is very slow or we can say its null. According to the society so-called norms women is to stay at home , if the woman is working she has to manage both a household work as well as office work. Society never accept changes especially those changes which gives priority ,justice and equality to women and changing mentality towards men .
The Pew Research Centre survey in 2014 reported that 48% of fathers wished that they could stay at home with the children. But due to the pressure of the society and their judgement we cannot do this or cannot take this step. Only 214,000 men are classified as full-time fathers according to the 2012 U.S. Census Bureau numbers. That’s compared with 10.4 million full-time moms.
Stay-at-home dads is not a wrong practice . If you man willingly choose this we should support him because we cannot except from a woman only to handle the household work and also concentrate in development of children and if the woman is working so she should also and her office work.