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Ok so, maybe it’s not something to be published on newspaper daily but yes those girls whom you taught not to stay outside home after 9,are the one who dreams about a nomadic lifestyle or at least a solo trip… What a beautiful tragedy for our society!
Ok so what’s this nomadic lifestyle? Basically it’s a system or a living procedure where you don’t settle anywhere permanently in other words you move constantly from place to place and embrace the unknown.
But of course its not quite easily manageable. However it’s impossible for girls according to our conservative society, though I strongly protest this fact. If someone can manage themselves within the vast unknown, then it’s good. And if we talk about problem then it’s for both boys and girls equally, if our society leave our girls alone to enjoy and don’t became obstacles with their wolf eyes and brings on sexual harassment.
Ok, but here we’re to talk about the female problem specially.
So yes, there can be plenty of them.
First, it’s the good news always being preached about being nomadic so it seems like a daydream while reality is much harsh.
‘Leave your job and travel solo’-seems too good to listen , but we never listened to the dark side. And that can be a huge problem .
there’ll not be any friend and family member to have in your ups and Downs. And yes it’s not so fantastic as it seems.
There can be health problems when you’ll need someone to serve you, which you can’t have. Sometimes you have to rely on others much, which can be a very positive as well as negative reasons too. As we are among the unknown.
Again, there’s no surety about mobile network and it’s no need to say that how much we are dependent on mobile and internet these days. For woman, it can be more difficult as everyone of us knows about high rates of women exploitation and sexual harassment these days.
There’s no sure of food and cooking as not every place is waiting for you with their grocery store.
So, yes nomadic lifestyle is not so dramatic as it seems. Though it’s good to hear that women from our regular social area code are taking the initiative to make their dreams come true despite of having obstacles in their paths. Some nomadic tribes and their female are also living their lives, continuing to share culture and customs. So, lastly , yes there’s a lot of obstacles to count but as we know if we stop to count the obstacles to count, it’ll never end. So start your journey towards your dream with all precautions, do research first thoroughly, get ready for any future crisis.