Get Inspired, Be Empowered Forums Safety and Security How much it is safe for women to travel through public transport? Reply To: How much it is safe for women to travel through public transport?

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No, It is not safe for women while travelling in public transport because facilities are not good and during travelling many things happen with women they don’t feel comfortable because men don’t treat women them with respect. Some men stare at the women’s and follow them because of which they feel scared and unsafe to step outside in evening or at night time. Women travel anywhere or travel through any public transport because of some men who misbehave with them touch anywhere due to which women feel uncomfortable and don’t feel safe to travel. Women’s are not safe mostly in Delhi because their are lost of cases of physical harassment while women are travelling at night. In public transport some of the men don’t give sit to pregnant lady from this we can see that if any women is in trouble non of them will go for her support. Day by day their is increase in women’s cases of rape, physical harassment and it mostly happen when women are alone at night or while travelling. Women’s are scared at night to travel in autos, train, buses, etc. Because their is no safety for them. In train also their are different section for men and women but then also women are suffer from physical harassment due to which they feel uncomfortable while travelling. Government need to make safety for women by providing them police in public transport so they can feel safe to travel. Women’s should be more aware about self-defense. Their should campaign and organisation for self-defense due to which women atleast protect herself. And public need to understand that if they are seeing anything wrong is happening they should take stand against it. By giving lesson for such people’s who misbehave with women will decrease the chances of physical harassment while travelling. Women has to fight back with all the situations daily and have to reach their destination.