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Swear words can be defined as words that are rude and offensive. Many swear words have sexist origins. In fact, the word “bad” could be seen as an offensive word. In Old English, it meant a derogatory term for effeminate men.
Swear words are often used as a way to blow off steam. When people are angry and want to release the anger they have, they use swear words.
Think of the amount of swear words existing today. Although you need not be intentionally sexist, you are still using these words as insults without knowing the origin of the words.
Words like b****, sl*t, and wh*** are extremely demeaning to women. It insults women and it means that they’re immoral in nature. But these words are still widely used as gender-neutral terms meaning that these words are used by and for men and women. But, it only affects women and degrades them.
Although words like mother*****, son of a b**** and ba***** are typically used as insults for men, it still insults women. You are calling their mothers and sisters derogatory terms which does not change a thing. Even if you try to change these words and try to not use sexist terms, it still doesn’t work.
Many women want to reclaim these words and switch some of these words but it still degrades women. It does not make sense to degrade other women just because we want to reclaim words. The origin of these words does not change even if we reclaim them.
If we found some alternatives to words we can use which aren’t degrading in nature, it would be better. We should teach other people and ourselves how to not use such words and to do research on words before using them. It is not good that we use words that we do not know the meaning of. So, we must think before we speak.