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Pride is a sense whilst you feel satisfied by way of your own achievements and suitable work. As we all know that June is a pride month and it is celebrated as a tribute to those involved in the Stonewall riots. The people and community involved in this pride were the ones who have sacrificed and also stood up for a great cause and for a good thing.
Pride Day on 28 June was in the year 1970 when the first march was held in New York City. If we think pride day is for bisexuals, gays, lesbians, transgender, etc then it’s because they have fought these to gain rights for their personal life, to have the same and equal rights as normal human gender. In the month of June, there were events that made an LGBTQ community and all who are involved in this, made them free from people’s taunts and inequality. June month had riots, it also had official pride parade, first LGBT organization was made, Same-sex marriage right was also given and so June is a Pride month.
It’s not only for them to celebrate but for each one of us who needs to embrace ourselves for who we are and what we are. People dress up and participate in marches, events held and celebrate this day so prosperously and with excitement. The Rainbow flag is a symbol of pride and each color has its meaning like life, healing, sex, spirit, etc.
So every individual has its fundamental right to be equally well-known in society and have a good time satisfaction day each day not handiest at some of the day because we live each day and need to have a good time and be proud for WHO WE ARE!!!