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Swear words which basically each person speaks easily without giving a thought to those words spoken and the meaning or effect on something or someone. Many use it very easily and frankly within their group, it seems that simple words or sentence but are misogyny in nature and somewhere it degrades one.
Mostly spoken words are one which relates to the female gender but it has nothing connected to a conversation with the women. While calling out names or during a conversation between peer groups, these words are common and spoken pointing out the gender because the words which are used somewhere are bluntly used and it lowers the value of gender.
If we give a thought to this, it makes it so easy for people to speak that word whether it is a casual conversation or teasing someone or during humor talks, and many more. On one hand, we say respect women treat them nicely but on the other hand these words and degrade on one’s gender is done by many knowingly or unknowingly, but is said by many. So, it is observed that even anyone who argues or talks, but one who is targeted is women gender be it she is not on fault then too she is only targeted.
I know these things won’t change easily and people won’t stop using them, but it can be reduced and can limit our words. Why speak the words which are not appropriate and target or makes it look one gender lower than the other.