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Shubhangini Shaktawat
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How can one promote gender equality in classroom?
What a child is taught in taught in junior classes, a child always remembers that even after growing up. That’s exactly why currently anyone who’s asked to recite the English Alphabet will do so without taking a minute to think. Same is the case with nursery rhymes. Hence, in my opinion, if gender equality is promoted in the classrooms of schools, the coming generations won’t be as cruel with women as the current one is. Children up ill grade 8 or t the maximum grade 9 are not as biased as the high school classes. Hence, this is the right age for schools to inculcate in them a sense of respect for genders and equality among all. There are quite a few things that one can do as initiatives to promote equality among genders in the classroom. Firstly, the teaching staff and the cleaning staff, etc. must treat girls and boys both equally. There should not be a rule to make girls sit in the front benches while making boys become back-benchers. Boys should not feel that they are being neglected in the field of academics. Also, there should be no such thing as strict punishments for boys and no punishment for girls. In schools, certain teachers feel no hesitance before raising their hands on boys whereas no physical punishments for girls. There should be absolutely no punishments involving physical touch either for boys or girls. This age is as delicate and fragile as glass and such incidents can scar children for children. Also, when it comes to games or sports lessons, girls should not be exempted or underestimated. Whether it is playing and running in scorching heat, or studying and writing in the classroom, girls can do it all and they must do it along with the boys. Permission for using the washroom must be given based on similar criteria to boys and girls both. Girls should not be treated with extra care or delicacy just because they are girls. Also there should not always be a male class head, monitor or prefect. Equal chance must be given to girls and boys both to lead the class. Also, school authorities should make sure that school uniforms of children should not reflect any sort of gender discrimination. If boys are to wear trousers or shorts, girls should not be made to wear salwar kurtas. That obviously does not mean both should have the same uniform, but simply that they must not feel superior or inferior to each other in any way. Debates and dramas must be organized catering to the importance of equality among genders. Also, children should be educated in such a way that they get into habit to look at their female counterparts the same way they would look at their male friends. This is one simple message, which if imparted in the correct way through correct mediums in classrooms, our society will rise in the coming future and definitely be a way more developed and better society for men and women.
A woman myself,
Shubhangini Shaktawat