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Shubhangini Shaktawat
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The sexism of swear words. ( A large portion of swear words are misogynistic)
Lately, abusive and foul language has become a worldwide ‘cool’ subject. Every other kid on the streets speaks words that on would avoid especially in public and every second family has at least one or two defaulters who are bashed up every single day for taking such language in use in front of elders. Most of such swear words are misogynistic and point out to women. Swear words are largely being sexualized and there are ‘n’ number of children out there who do not even know the meaning of the words they use. It’s a shame. Why do people have to abuse others’ mothers and sisters or grandmothers? What is so fascinating in it? It is done usually because they say, women’s respect means a lot to men. Mind you, only the women belonging to their household make a difference to them, not every other woman. So the respect and reputation of every family has been ‘vested’ in the women of the house. These are the same women they treat like slaves and servants who cannot even step outside the house without their permission. Why is the society so stereotypical?
Swear words are one of the basic things in a lay man’s life that prove how misogynistic and sexist the society is. There could have been swear words that pointed out to men, but no. Why would there be such swear words? Only women are to be pointed out in this society. Plus women are sexually pointed out in all those words. This is absolutely unethical, disrespectful and unacceptable. The so called worship of women that people are used to in our society, all falls to level zero when such issues come up as they bring out the truth. Not only men, but each and every human here who uses these misogynistic swear words, needs to understand that they are not cool. I wouldn’t be a hypocrite but accept that I use swear words too, but definitely not sexist ones. I have neither preferred them as of now, nor will I in the future. So should the people of our society. If we break stereotypes and misogynistic ways of living at the glassroot level like this, we will be able to curb it at a greater angle too. It’s in our hands now, whether to ruin the world further, or to save whatever is left.
A woman myself,
Shubhangini Shaktawat