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Although it can be partially agreed that yes, reservation, whether in politics or jobs, is pointing that our women are fragile or inferior. As by considering women reservations indicates that they’re not efficient to struggle and achieve. Somehow these reservation has being seen as aan obstacle for who actually deserves.
But, in today’s world, it feels like women are not fragile, if there’s anything inferiority, then it’s the condition of surrounding and society which need to be improved deliberately. And for this, we need reservation.
As everyone of us know,in India women representation in 2019 loksabha is at 14%, while much below average of the world women representation was recorded as 24%.
Lack of women representative, in Parliament ir in jobs leads to lack of discussion about women issues. They get subsided by the other social problems as not much understand this fact that if you are living in a society, each and every problem are connected directly or indirectly. Women from regular economic and social conditions, need to be heard. So in this case, reservation is absolute necessary.
Then why we don’t have it until now?
The cause lies in the same situation, why we need the reservation most. It has been 25 years from when women reservation bill, due to 108th amendment,was first introduced in 1996 ,1998,1999,2008 but got neglected and torn out over and over and is a still pending bill. Why?
Because, on the first hand, our Parliament lack women representative and support.
And the second is, whomever we have,most are formally from privileged family or society and are hesitant to ask for reservation. While some of them, eg. Mrs. Renuka Ray, argued against it as she believed, ‘insult to our intelligence and capacity’ and women should be judged according to their ability, citing the example of ms. Vijaylaxmi Pandit and Sarojini Naidu, not realising that they were exceptional to current social norms.
So, though women reservation is carrying a virtue of sexism and gender discrimination, in this condition of society, where women still need to forcefully uplifted, reservation is a necessity.