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Shumaila Siddiqui
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Well, travelling through public transport is one of the most basic thing one undergoes in day to day activities irrespective of their gender. Yet when it comes to the safety of the traveller, women’s are always more vulnerable than man. In today’s world, where it is recommended by the government and other social activist to travel in public transport for many important reasons. Such as to minimize the use of fuel, to prevent some pollution caused by private vehicles such as noise and air pollution. To avail the emergency services of open road by reducing traffic caused by multiple private vehicles. But the question remains same, is it ok to travel in public transport or is it safe to travel with strangers in a crowded transport where many things remain uncertain.
The answer of the given question, that is how much safe it is for a woman to travel through public transport can be debated on many aspects. It is not about women, instead it is about others accompanying women. There are many reliable people including men who pose no threat to women even while travelling alone or travelling in public transport. Some men are so safe to be travel with that you can entrust them with your responsibility even in the darkness of night. However, there are always two sides of coin, similarly there are men who pose a threat for women. Specially in public transport where they can lure specific women in their charm or can tease a woman in crowded transport.
Nowadays, thanks to the advanced technology reporting of such incident and asking for help has become much easier. Decreasing some issues related to women safety. There are multiple website and helpline number available for just women related issues making the public transport very much safer than what it used to be few years back.