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Gayatri Somvanshi
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Well nowadays in the pretense of praising women that only they have power to multitask and balance their work life and family, women are told to get a golden mediation between personal life. We can say as much as we have developed ourselves and women not proudly firmly grounded their flags on almost all the top posts. Still, we don’t deny that cooking, washing , and taking care of family are still considered to be the duty of women. Why can’t a man do these things?
Women are always told to prioritise her family first and choose these responsibilities over her dreams if she is unable to balance between them.
Now let’s not forget how boys proudly demand that their wives should be good at everything. She should be educated but simultaneously should also be perfect in all the housework. There are even some creatures who say we want a girl who would be good at doing housework because they don’t want to see their mothers tired anymore.
Come on man, why don’t you get a maid for you and your mother?
It’s really difficult for a woman to adjust with both lifestyles when she is always expected to do everything for herself. I really admire the families who teach boys to help. But we can’t deny that the majority Indian families have already decided that the boy’s only task is to provide money. I see many women who practically need to prepare meals , cleaning and everything before going to work and then come back again to work for dinners. Lets not forget very common site of local trains where we see how women often are seen peeling peas or any veggies in train to save work. Even doing both the tasks women often complained about her. We need some humanity and understanding that women are human beings and they need rest too. But the sad thing is we forget this. Even so there are families with a new mindset and how we see families actively help women in the family. And I hope we all grow up with more open mind and help out our women .