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simran arora
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I think it is another sexist statement that women are emotional than men. It is weird how there is always a line of comparison drawn between sexes to act in society. I think we all have independent emotions, and it depends upon us how to work on them. One can say that it depends on how a parent nurtures their child. Any emotional intelligence is not gender-based; instead, it is environment-based.

Before sharing my opinions on this topic, I thought of researching a bit, and here is what I got. Even Google draws a line of gender biases between men and women. Like one of the website links suggested that women are more emotionally stable than men. Honestly, it is funny. Even it said that women are emotional because they have periods. That is highly illogical. The only thing is that a woman is given space to express herself in society more openly than a man. One would not tell a man to cry openly; instead, the same suggestion could be passed on to a woman. The gender biases enroll never-ending barriers to emotional intelligence.

Thereby, women are not so emotional. It depends on the perspective of how one wishes to witness it. We all have the same emotions, and we are in charge of expressing them.