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simran arora
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It is a worldwide acknowledgment that mental health is not a priority of most people. Imagine how many people consider mental health when one applies for a job that may or may not require 24×7 attention. So when you are living in a world like this, mental health stands out as a taboo. When did you think it is essential to regard mental health as much as physical health.

A few centuries ago, people with mental illnesses were considered to have a ghostly existence. Even today, if someone is going through a severe mental disorder, one would consider the same. There were days when people with mental disorders were chained with walls and treated inhumanely. Forget mental illnesses; one is afraid to accept the signs of anxiety and depression. Many people talk about mental health, but only a few take it seriously. There are many people I know who would not question or reconsider their habits that may cause stress. Instead, they would take a vacation but would not consider what is wrong.

Being a mental health blogger, I have realized that it is not easy to make a difference and help people accept themselves or not struggle with their past. It is a paradox that nobody is perfect, yet we all strive to be perfect.

Try this out! Go to your mom or dad and tell them that you are not feeling good today. The preferable response you will get is, ‘you will be fine; there is nothing to worry about.’ Imagine no one asked you if you are feeling sad or empty. There is a quick response that it is only a phase that will pass away.

All of this signifies that talking about mental health is an emotional embarrassment. One could feel judgemental about sharing feelings. Mental health is looked down upon and is not considered a priority in any way.