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According to WHO Female genital mutilation involves partial and total removal of female genitalia or another injury to female genital organs for no medical purposes. FGM does not benefit the females it only harms them. It is a very wrong practice, it causes genital swelling, excessive bleeding, urinary problems, females are in shock. Females face severe difficulties while menstruating. We need strict laws and punishments. It is mostly practiced in the Islamic community they call it KHAFD, their religious belief behind removing the clitoral head is unwanted skin and it is Sin for happens with young girls they don’t understand what happens with them without their consent. It is a practice in more than 30 countries. They cut with things like a knife, a blade which can cause severe blood loss, so inhuman thing is carried on in name of religious is a sexual offense. People also do this for trade practice of female organs to earn money or do this for sexually torturing the happens very secretly. According to reports, it happens with more than 200 million girls and women it is practiced all over the has the cultural notion that to make look girls part more feminine and bodily beautiful by removing the unclean part. Some communities also made the celebration for this, of their girls, get some gifts from family members. This inhuman activity needs to stop immediately, no one has the right to take pleasure by giving the pain. Also because of this, some girls face complications in their pregnancy. People should stop treating women like an object and show some empathy towards body can touch females’ private parts without their consent. Females need to immediately report if it happens to them, they do not need to fear anyone. Females need to educate themselves about this wrong practice. Government and social women welfare organizations need to come together to end this.