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Women can’t do this, women can’t do that- yes, it’s most probably one of the most common sentence, told to women. As everyone of us know how much society wants to dominate female. In early age, they’re not allowed to do anything outside their hall which was exclusively reserved for women of the families. And what’s there duty? Only cooking and serving their families and look after children. As it’s preached, women are only made for giving birth to the sons as heirs of the family.
But the tragedy is,in this vast time, situation changed, not thinking. Still there’s some families which doesn’t allow their daughter-in-law to go outside for work,which is too common for us. Even when some families do accept this proposal, our society have discriminated even jobs in respective of gender.
According to our society, women can’t do such work which needs force or physical activity or pressure, labor or hard work is only for men. The current labour force participation for women is 49% max while for men it’s 75%. So, the employment gap is near about 26%, where for some places, it’s upto 50%.
Now, why is this employment gap we’re getting?
First, gender discrimination as stated above, families are still conservative about women literacy and employment.
Second, affect of illiteracy and customs are going on and on, preaching how women is inferior to men and thus put to be behind walls.
And being customes by the social norms, women too lack the courage and energy to establish themselves or struggle for their rights.
Ok, now, we all know less or much about male ego. Doing better or equal to husband has never satisfied male ego of our family and society too. It’s an indirect but huge problem, as male ego is somehow in the roots of gender discrimination and laws. It always try to condemn women, letting women live their dreams is ok until their male ego is satisfied but after that, it’s a crime.
Now the question is, what’s so important about it?
First, if we observed from economic prospective,a country with both of its male and female employees, demand to boost global GDP substantially.
More workers we have, more jobs and projects shall be manufactured. Thus a increase in status of country will be observed.
Now if we talk about women’s choice, our society has already discriminated jobs like teaching and nursing for women, which seems to have less physical labor but are women satisfied with only that?
No. Every human has their natural interests in jobs, thus they should have right to decide what their future will look like. The freedom to work by choice, with dignity is integral to human welfare.
Thus we have to not only allow but inspire our women to make choice for themselves, to explore themselves. It’s never a guy’s job or girls job. If you like it, you’ll do it. Thus only we can make women empowerment is a reality, and all over make our society better.