Get Inspired, Be Empowered Forums Gender Justice Shouldn’t the legal age for marriage be the same for girls and boys both? Reply To: Shouldn’t the legal age for marriage be the same for girls and boys both?

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Marriage at the right age and with the right person is important for any individual in their life. And at what age to get married is also a great concern. Just as a basic human right each person should have the right to select when to get married.
The age which is legal for boys is 21 and girls is 18, here also is a discrimination of gender just like in each and everything right from personal to professional life. Why is there so the difference in ages for girls and boys for marriage? There are many reasons for these, which can be the ancient thought and tradition which was followed before and still in continuation, many parents feel that girls are a burden and get them married at an early age, financial condition, social pressure and comparison between girls, and many think girls get matured at an early age so get them married. At the age of making her career, she is given a responsibility to manage a family.
It should be done legal that same age for both to get married, as because of differences and inequality there are also issues which women face daily. If this inequality continues then there will no change in issues faced by women, still it is observed that in rural areas girls are getting married before 18 and she discontinues their education, passion, dreams, etc.
It is indeed required by the supreme court to take some decision regarding age for both to get married because all humans are equal and should have equal rights too.