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anshika agarwal
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Violence again women is continuously going on. It is occuring in every country and culture and casuing harm to millions of women.
According to WHO report, in the world 1 in 3 women have experienced physical at least once in their lives. That number has also remained unchanged over the past decades.
In this covid pandemic, women have suffered a lot. Lockdowns have raised the violence against women and girls around the world as their men are home all the time and whenever they are angry on anything they take out their anger on women. Intimate partner violence is the most prevalent form of violence against women. Globally around 6% of women reported being sexually assaulted and physical by someone. Although the real figure is likely higher because sexual abuse is still under reported. We can only fight with it through deep-rooted and sustained efforts by governments, communities and individuals.
It is quite disturbing that this continuous violence by men against women is unchanged which is affecting young women aged 15-24 who are young mothers. Every government should be taking strong and proactive steps to address this.
This violence against women should be stop as soon as possible. It is also affecting their mental health which leads to depression in them and even suicide sometimes.