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“Beauty is supposed to be described by the skin colour”, they mean, darker the colour uglier she is, they think. Even in today’s modern world, our society has set beauty standards for women. Discrimination on the basis of colour has been in frame since ages and it is still there. Everyone today wants a fair, tall and fit girlfriend or wife, nobody is ready to accept her like she is.
They often say that “you don’t fall in love with the face but the heart”, but the people around never meant so. Everyone in this society wants his/her life partner to be beautiful. It’s a myth that people have started to unlearn the concept of colourism, because this has been going on in our society since ages and people still believe in accepting this even in the modern world.
I’ve seen a lot of people blaming girls for their dark skin or short height, even after knowing that it’s not their fault, or she never asked for that. Everyone here, puts a lot of effort in becoming fairer, tall etc etc. in order to satisfy the society. This society never helped us love ourselves the way we are. People should start believing in themselves that skin colour never decides the beauty of a human being, their actions and their deeds do.