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Our society is full of ancient thought , cultural and mentality . How much we try the patches of pass is remain the same . And one of the darkest facts of the past is discrimination due to colourism. In ancient time the dark colour people are not allowed to sit with walk with stay with white colour people . It is said that the past never forgets, it comes with it taking its memories and thought.
Soon as the word get modernize, the thinking of the People change probably but the thing which is not changed till now is differentiating between colours even today directly or indirectly people are discriminated on the basis of their colour the society has divided the people in 4 types that are:- fair , Yellow, brown, black . Many girls where house in childhood not to play in Sun as her colour is already dull . This is a long thought process we are feeding in our child mind .
In entertainment industry many girls rejected because of the colour . And those who are selected accepted by the entertainment industry never get that much of opportunity as the fair colour people get whether they were always with the side roles.
Accepting changes but these are some changes with the society and the people cannot change but cannot accept . Everyone is trying hard to go with the flow but still we are facing to bridge this gap of mentality and discrimination which is very essential for the free India for the independent India .
Many brand introduce products like “cream which can glow you colour” “can give your new colour” they are may be directly or indirectly , promoting that the dull colour people will not be accepted by the society or are not been accepted till now . Company should avoid using such kind of for sentences in promotion of the product for using these line as a taglines . As you all have seen the world famous cream fair and lovely has to change her name and now it’s name is glow lovely . People has came that the company is promoting colour discrimination.
A society has begin unlearning colourism but we are very far from the target. There is very painful and difficult journey we have to face. In colour which we are born is given by the god to their child and it’s their choice and our density . All are no 1 pictures them and discriminate time all equal and people should pictures according to their mentality and heart not according to your colour and clothes .