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Women are always expected to sacrifice there own selves for their family, duties and responsibilities. When it comes to maintaing the house, marrying, having kids, it’s always the women who have to sacrifice their career, life for the sake of it. Until the younger age women work hard, practice and learn in order to be independent, strong and capable. Every woman has her dreams, what she wants to become, what she wants to do, but by the time she grows up she’s handed over with a million responsibilities leading her to give upon her dreams or career. When a woman is in her twenties she is expected to get married, no matter how much she’s successful or not, she’s expected to leave everything behind and walk into some other place with her husband. Most women have to leave their jobs when they have to get married because of the burden of the duties and the unsuitable circumstances she didn’t asked for. Most women have to adjust according to their husbands. Why isn’t a man asked to move in order for his wife??
Moreover even if she manages to carry on with the work after marriage, she has to leave her job while having kids, and raising them. Sometimes, women even don’t want to have kids but the family forces her to carry on the bloodline. Women often end up giving upon their careers because of the heavy dose of responsibilities she has on her shoulders.