Get Inspired, Be Empowered Forums Gender Justice Shouldn’t the legal age for marriage be the same for girls and boys both? Reply To: Shouldn’t the legal age for marriage be the same for girls and boys both?

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Yes, girls and boys should be matured enough to understand such big responsibility of being married. There should be same age for marriage because may of the times we see that girls don’t get to complete their education due to marriage proposals and family forces their daughters to get married at early age. Girls wish to do their education and have to reach their goals and dreams come true and become independent before marriage. And on other side family support boys to get well educated and settle before marriage. Before marriage both men and women should be ready by mentally and physically also independent then it will be esay for both of them. Still many of women get married at early age because of which they suffer from lot of things in family in pregnancy also they has to go through many complications. At the age of 18 girls are not matured enough to handle responsibility to understand family to have that control mentally girls should not get married at the age of 18. Atleast their should 21 age for girls to get married so they can matured enough to take all the responsibilities physically and mentally. When girls get married at early age they forcefully put all the responsibility on them. It has been generalized that boys age is elder than girls age because of which society also sees like that only. Boys can marry after 30..32 because they want to settle their career than they have to get married. Than Why? Can’t girls do that same thing. Family should support girls for their career and support her to be independent it feel better for girls and be confident to take decisions. Education should be more important for both girls and boys. Boys and girls should have equal age for marriage so that their will maturity in both of them and women will not have to face mental and health problems.