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simran arora
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In the age of the modern world, the beginning of equity should have begun from this step. Earlier, the condemnation of different ages for women and men was considering the maturity factor. But the fact is that men are as mature as women, and there is no age to justify it.

However, better late than never. The amendment would be an equality bridge between men and women. It will lead to fewer marriages of women immediately after turning 18 if the legal age turns 21 for both boys and girls. Further, women would be able to complete their education as well and receive a graduate degree. Despite the prohibition of child marriage, many girls get married before turning 18 in rural areas, and no one looks over that. It is a hope that this amendment would bring safe measures for women’s rights.

It is strange how the right to vote is the same, but the right to marry is not. A clear line of discrimination here indicates that gender equality is still a dream in our country. In recent years, countries like Denmark, Spain, Netherlands, etc., have made marriage reforms. Contrarily, there are other countries where a year gap remains between a boy and a girl marriage, and even some girls get married when they hit puberty.

A recent petition by Upadhyay at Delhi High Court stated that the age gap between men and women’s legal right to marry, respectively, has no scientific or medical backup. It is only a patriarchal reform to keep girls restrained. He also mentioned that young girls tend to be more submissive than the elder ones. Further, the petition stated that the legal age to marry for girls should also be 21 as 18 is too early to get married. Also, it exploits the basic fundamental rights in the Indian constitution, which are rights of equality (Article 14), protection against discrimination (Article 15), and dignity of life under the convention of all forms of discrimination against women (CEDAW).

Thereby, I agree that the age of the two should be equal, and there should be no discrimination between the two.