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Shumaila Siddiqui
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Breast cancer is found in both men and woman, Often it occurs in woman only. It is a deadly cancer caused by breast tissue it is so harmful, but still women are not aware of symptoms which leads to breast cancer. American woman has breast cancer most commonly among all the women, In USA breast cancer is found in more than 2,50,000 women and 42,000 women are dead due to this disease. We can diagnose the early detection for the breast cancer through a mammogram before it is too late to detect or treat.
Woman generally discuss the breast cancer, but they don’t have the idea about the symptoms which is the root cause for breast cancer. Neglecting the small symptoms is very common among women, but we don’t realize that even the change in size and shape of breast or pain or nipple discharge other than breast milk (including blood) or any lamp seen in breast or under arms should not be taken lightly and needs an urgent medical help.
Commonly a woman who is 50 years or older gets the breast cancer, but the studies have shown that it can affect the younger woman also. We can have a lifestyle which can decrease the chance of getting affected by this disease such as:
1. Maintain a healthy weight and do exercises more often.
2. Avoid alcohol at first place or at least lower the quantity of alcohol you drink.
3. Seek doctors advice for the risk before having any pill.
4. Breastfeed your child if possible
5. And lastly check that you have a medical history in breast cancer in your family and if you have any ask your doctor for the way to lower the risk.
We need to have more organizations, NGOs,doctors and women who have been diagnosed or treated by breast cancer to come forward and spread the word about the symptom at larger extend to lower the death rate due to the breast cancer. The women are least aware of the symptoms even after so many cases that is because we are lacking in resources for awareness of the breast cancer.