Get Inspired, Be Empowered Forums Gender Justice Shouldn’t the legal age for marriage be the same for girls and boys both? Reply To: Shouldn’t the legal age for marriage be the same for girls and boys both?

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The current minimum age of marriage is 18 for girls and 21 for boys respectively. I feel that the minimum age should be increased for girls. The current minimum age for which it’s set propagates the idea that women are more mature than men, so it is fine that they’re getting married at the age of 18 which is wrong.
I feel that it would be better if the minimum age of marriage could be increased. Although it’s just the minimum age, some might get their daughters married because it is legal to get them married at 18.
Usually, not all women get married at 18. It all depends on the circumstances: finances, choices etc. A person from a poor background would get their 18 year old daughter married because they need money.
For me, I do not feel that it’s okay to get your daughter married just because they turned 18. Her brain isn’t as developed yet and she has a lot more to learn. Although she is a legal adult by law, she is still young.
Early marriages lead to lots of problems: abuse, premature child birth etc. It is not a good thing for women to get married this early.
Women would want to continue their higher education after the age of 18 and will not be able to do that if married.
I feel that each person has the right to choose when they want to get married. If they want to get married after a certain age, that is their choice. They should have the privilege of choosing their future.