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If women had power or support, they can do wonders and make everything fair. But each time a female child is born many are upset with that fact and disrespect the parents of that girl child for giving birth to a girl.
Feminism is not only for girls, to girls but anyone who accepts and is fair with each member. It is seen female actresses supporting feminism for promotion if we try to understand than logically promotion should be done with a valid and in a correct manner and not to use feminine gender for anything. A male actor can also promote a product or campaign or whatever if he really understands what is feminism, and it has nothing to do with only females.
Female actresses promoting something makes a difference because many follow and imitate them but all are not the same and the powers of actors and common people are different, so if the promotion of anything needs to be done then not only female but anyone can do it a correct manner and without discrimination. It should not be assumed that if actresses will promote more femineity and will make a difference but we should learn that when each individual understands and takes up initiative then we could achieve.