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Apoorva Pathak
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The ill-treatment based on gender is very common in this world basically in those societies in which there are illiterate people. There different types of gender discrimination such as in education, employment, health, at home and even in working places. These discriminations directly link with mental health as we know physical torture may subduct in a short period but mental one remain forever and always repeat in the mind.

If she discrimination against education girls are made to do house chores work and never let to study by their parents. They don’t receive a good education because of which they remain unemployed they get married early and have to remain financially dependent on their husbands. In workplaces, they are discriminated against based on work that women are weak they can’t handle male-dominated area. This leads to less courage in them. They discriminated on basis of payment. Even if they do equal work as men they are paid less. At home, the elder discriminates against them and avoid giving good health and nutrition as they think that girls are PARAYA DHAN they will be marrying one day and go away. They are not productive in one house and should be given less nutritious food.

This directly affects the mental health of women as it leads to mental disorder such as depression, mood swings and anxiety. as they become powerless they got frustrated and start deteriorating their physical health also. According to studies, women suffer more depression and anxiety than men as they are not allowed to go out to have leisure like the male. They are kept inside the home and take care of their children. because of isolation and physical torture, they become mentally disturbed sometimes husband have forceful physical relation this lead to mental as well as emotional breakdown. This leads to the early death of the female and often they become the victim of drug abuse.