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Discrimination on the basis of gender is a common issue faced by many, among them women suffer the most, or we can say that they are most affected in terms of mentally, emotionally, socially, etc. Gender discrimination is widely spread among many and people are used to discriminating against women in each area of topic.
It affects women very seriously and, in many ways, once women start to suffer and tolerate it becomes a habit or daily routine for her to face these issues. Men are considered superior and in top position than women in every aspect be it in personal life as husband and wife, there also the wife is made to understand, in professional life they are given priority at top positions.
The mental health of a person is very vital and if a person is not mentally stable then it leads to many unwanted things. Impact of these issues affect on women’s mental health in forms of depression: they every day have to deal with people and listen to them; hypertension leads to an effect on daily routine and they go through stress; change in behaviour is common when a person constantly has to suffer and survive through same things, sleep disorder and non-stable mind because of multiple thoughts in a single mind, and in these ways, the mental health of women are greatly impacted.
Gender discrimination is a common issue but still, it has not gone from its roots, there is a need to change the thoughts and mentality of people because people can compare and discriminate but on whom it is done have to face many things and badly affects them mentally also.