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Shumaila Siddiqui
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A child marriage is heinous crime to do. Both the partners involved suffer a lot due to the un awareness about the concept of marriage. Majoritaly it is girls who are bound in an early marriage. Girls losses their innocence and the sense of carefree attitude fades away from a child marriage. It affects an innumerable aspect of girls which are difficult to deal with at such an early age.
Child marriage intervene rights of child and set them at danger of violence, abuse,harassment and mental illness. India has a huge number of brides who are underage to get married. Due to the economic and social conditions people are forced to marry their daughter at young age somewhere it is an old culture to marry a child as a bunch of social expectations.
Girls are typically embedded in Mental Health issues due to the lack of education and understanding about the marriage domestic violence is the part of the marriage, and they think it is normal to have domestic violence in marriage because of the upbringing they have been brought up at their homes. Early pregnancy issues is also a problem which girls face due to the early marriage, and they end up losing that child in a miscarriage or abortions.
People should be educated more about the consequences of the child marriage Marrying your daughter is not a solution for the poverty, unemployment or the pressure of social norms presented by a society. A rich old man doesn’t guarantee a good future and perfect partner for your teenage girl. Stand in solitary with your daughters and help them to make a career so that they cannot be a part of child marriage. Make them educated and confident lady rather than a victim of child marriage.
A child’s future is destroyed, and they end up being losers in their life. They are not even a contributor to the community economically.
We need to impose stricter actions and prohibitions to ban child marriage.