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Emotions are the real feeling of a heart which a person express. Everyone uses different way of expressing their emotion. Men and women both cries, Both get angry ,both laugh . So why people consider a woman emotional.
Is we can consider psychological factor here that :- It is always told to a girl that you should always prostrate, take care of feelings and remain humble and a boy always ask to be strong , boy’s should never cry . In a child’s mind from childhood it is put that how their emotion should be grand. Boys always ask to never express his emotion since it will reflect his weakness . From childhood child is told how his behaviour should be, how they have to react in every situation for girls should be girls and for boys it should be Harsh . Why we ask a girl you should not laugh in this situation , you should be act like that and a boy is asked – don’t cry like girl , what are you doing like girl ?
In TV series and movies a woman is show emotional her emotional breakdown, nervous breakdown is show their . Which is a wrong porter of a woman . Women is emotional but equally as a man. A woman and man both express their feeling but the difference is that a woman always thing about the other person emotions. So, that’s why she is considered emotional and a man never considered this and mostly burst out in anger.
Actually women is not emotional . She always connects with people very quickly . A woman never keeps anything in her mind, that’s why she throws out her emotions so quickly. A woman is fearless , not afraid of this society how will they react to the emotion , she never think about that . That can be reason if women is considered emotional. Where is a man is always remain in a dilemma that if he would try the people will laugh at him and call him girly and etc. etc. A man has mentality that he should be brave, strengthen, fair less and should not express his emotion quickly and do not express his emotion in front of crowd specially .