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In today’s world, it’s obviously a big issue that in a democratic country like India, upholding so much diversities, there’s none to talk specially from female side. As a result female exploitation issues are always ignored .
First of all, I don’t actually agree with the issue that women lacks leadership. As we know leadership is not something based on gender discrimination. It’s concern about the team, a calm mind and the ability of influencing other people is what it needs to be a good leader. For some it comes Inherited, for something it comes with practice.
In this male dominating society, whether it’s for some highly ranked officer or some political head, men don’t want to take orders from a woman and that nonsense is enough to constraint women from leadership.
We already know a lot of female idols like Indira Gandhi,Jayalithala Jayaraman, Prativa Patil who created history with their leadership, on this same Indian politics. So it’s clear that ‘women lack leadership’-is just another game of restraining female to raise their voice.
If there’s any reason why women don’t get into politics, it’s only because society doesn’t allow it completely.
First, from childhood we are taught according to gender discrimination that there’s some men’s work and of course politics is one of them and other than those everything is for women and they shouldn’t alter it. Society wants a man to be a political leader, not women and if somehow they manage to get it, they’ll be tormented through insane remarks, mental pressure, illogical conspiracy and so on.
Women have to struggle through more and more walls to get at that position. With women exploitation and sexual harassment having a upward curve, women can’t even feel safe on roads, they even struggle to reach home every time. Then how can we expect to go on with all that situation alone?
Female are never inspired or taught to be a leader. And after creating all these barriers , society is gonna remark as women lacks leadership.
For establishment of a female representative in Parliament, I appreciate the quota system. Although it’s even seen that husbands are ruling the area in the name of their wives and as expected nobody has a problem with that.
So, I support your saying of ‘Women doesn’t lack leadership, they lack opportunity’. With the quota system, if we let our women speak of their mind from the beginning and protect the leaders and help them to progress, it’ll be much easier for them to prove their ability which will be a necessary step for stopping gender discrimination.