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Gayatri Somvanshi
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We all know how motherhood is always emphasized to be important part of women’s life and how a women is incomplete without a child and how she becomes complete when she becomes a mother.But can we still care to ask women her opinion? Can we take an effort to understand that woman should have first say in this matterI don’t know why even in 21st century we still consider women as baby making machine.Is women only married so that she can give your so called empire a heir? We all know how practical has world has become and having a child is a big decision as it’s a huge responsibilityVery first thing that should be taken into consideration is woman’s consent. We all know that women has to to go through various physical and emotional changes throughout the pregnancy and don’t forget the labour pain and post natal depression issues that women have to face after giving birth. We need women to be emotionally and mentally be prepared for this and let’s not forget we live in the society where a woman is expected to sacrifice her career and take care of a child and if she refuses this society who very first told her to give birth will turn and say that it’s your child it’s your responsibility.
And even if we choose our career over a child they label us as selfish.
Now apart from this there is something called financial stability needed for a couple to attain so that they can at least provide their child a secured future. In this world we constantly go through financial instability as we know how our country is doing when it comes to giving wages and taking taxes. Couples already need their time to settle first. Also as we know there are a lot of expenses from pregnancy to after health of both child and mother. So don’t force them to give good news. And next thing is of course there should be equal responsibility when it comes to parenting.