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Human beings are full of emotion they feel and express every emotion in their own way, men are always teaching don’t feel don’t cry like a girl, they cannot express it. it becomes a habit for them not to show their tears in front of people, men have this mindset that if they cry loudly, they will look weak and sensitive and other people will make fun of them. Women show to express their sadness and pain through crying it is very wrong thought people who cry does are not strong they are weak, normalize crying, nothing is bad in it. Women are more expressive about their emotions, for instance, women scoring higher than men it is may not be because of biological things it is because of gender role expectations most gender feel they need to bind into society especially when it comes to showing emotion. it’s not like men don’t feel emotions they also feel the same sadness, compassion, guilt. Society orthodox thinking doesn’t add up to their masculinity, a man not allowed to the grave when they lost something when men are married nobody tells him to show compassion and empathy towards her, man up, men are providers that are the reason when wife’s cry they are like ignorant to them. Society force men to keep their emotions within, it all slowly pile up and result into aggression. Women are strong and bold is also a quality of women just because they cry that does not mean they are seen as a sensitive and weak person. Then why men call women for their emotional support. I think men should open up and can cry change the thinking of society, we are human we can feel emotions that how people should rationally think.