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Yes, i agree with that because women are following the norms which are from very old times due to fear of society. Women do whatever men says they never argue when them because they feel that men can say anything but they can’t because they are married now but in today’s generation many of the women’s who are educated taking stand against wrong and many of them following the norms and tolerate all the things that her husband says her and even violence also. Why? Women should take stand for the wrong if anything wrong is happening they should fight back. Women who are uneducated because they don’t keep there point they don’t take stand for herself that they want learn educate and be independent. In home men can study then. why? Women Can’t allowed to study. And also they don’t get freedom to go outside like their brothers. In villages there is worst situation they treat women like they are made for household chores and taking care of family only. And men also don’t support her they think women should take care of family some of them don’t give freedom to their wife to go outside. Women also don’t raise their voice against them they listen their husband don’t say anything against them. They don’t educate women because there thinking is educating women is waste of money. And women don’t raise their voice against them. From old times the norms and culture they follow that like all women do housework and men do job and make money for home. Why? Women should make change they can also go out do job and make money being independent. Because of not taking stand, not thinking for herself, not raising their voice against wrong this are the reasons why women play major role in upholding patriarchy.