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Shumaila Siddiqui
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If we dig in Indian culture than it’s a patriarchal norm which is in action from ages. As far as women’s career is concerned nobody has ever bothered for their career once they get married. People only think that they need to be a good girl with excelling in every role they have to portray for a marriage. A perfect daughter-in-law, a perfect wife and perfect mother to play in marriage. I think that society puts women in a game to play everything perfect in the name of marriage.
Talking about the changing of a surname than it’s an unsaid agreement for women which has been drafted from years. Though some people ask the bride whether they want to retain their surname or change but in most cases its juts get changed without any permission. Nowadays people and some celebrities are making a new trend by adding their husbands surname to their name to show the affection and to make it official that they belong to new family now.
A career gives you a financial sustainability which is very important for girls before marriage and after marriage, it not only makes women independent and gives out a message that they don’t need anyone to survive and to make their bread and butter on their own.
Although we cannot actually say that how many women are being pressurized to quit career and to have another surname as some are doing willingly on their own. Because today’s women are much aware of their choices and the decision they want to make in their life. But still the illiteracy has caused women a high cost of being succumbed in boundaries.
Amidst of the surname she has her own identity, and she should make that visible up above the sky. She is her own boss and never let anyone decide about her career.
She belongs to herself for everything she wanted to get in life. MAKE THAT CLEAR LADIES.