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In today’s generation also 1 in 3 women experience physical violence because of which it create from other problems for here. Many of the women go through violence because of not listening to husband, marriage, dowry, etc. Why? Women are suffering from this there is no right for anybody to do physical violence with women. Violence against are increasing day by day because of not taking strict action against it. In villages women suffer from violence and their is no one to listen their problems. They tolerate the physical violence because not aware of rights and not knowing how to do self-defense. Women should get more awareness about their rights because for such people who does violence with women they should get strict punishment. By seeing them people who does that will get scared atleast some of them get scared and stop doing physical violence against women. Women will see how they are getting punished and will learn more their rights so they can fight back for their justice. Government should made strict rules or punishment for such people. There should be more organization and campaign who will make awareness for women rights and also there should organization and campaign for self defense so that women should get to learn atleast basic to defend herself. During travelling also women’s don’t feel safe because they are scared of getting raped by seeing the rape cases and not getting justice and they mostly scared at night times because there is no security for women in bus or train, etc. There should be security for women in public transports. Because of tolerating physical violence many women suffer from mental stress, depression, and many health problems. For this their should be health care organization for women who can understand them and can solve their problems by giving them proper treatment.